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”Wanna hear a joke? A CLEAN house!”


All Jokes (and pee) aside, believe it or not a clean house is possible! Keep up to date with me as I share tips, tricks of the trade, advice, and more about how to keep a clean home, dorm room, bedroom, bathroom, box, WHATEVER. I’ll also share products I like to use and try out and my experiences! I may even occasionally share a video or two.

You can also check out my LIFE WITH BELL page where I share new dog advice and sell custom made phone cases with pictures of your fur babes! The best part? Every sale made I donate money towards an animal shelter! More info here ( will insert link)

You can also check out my cleaning lady shop filled with some of my favorite Eco-friendly cleaning products safe to use around pets and babies as well.

Like food? Me too. Check out my meal prep page for easy recipes I find that are cheap, and still edible.

Have questions? Ask! If I don’t know the answer, well then I guess we’ll all just not know… Google does though. 👉🏾 Now check out muh posts!

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Be sure to check out the cleaning lady shop and My life with bell brand for some cool new merch!



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