Oven Nightmare! How to awake from it and tackle this cleaning process

Cleaning an oven used to be the last thing on my mind. It wasn’t until my mom first bought it to my attention that I actually thought about it. And when I first heard her I was like “clean the oven? why you have to do that for?” (In those exact words) “What’s the point!” I also felt that way about the microwave but that’s another story for another day.

I had never paid it any attention until the very next time I used it and really saw how bad it was and thought “oh wow this is pretty bad.” And did you know that cleaning your oven can actually affect how well it performs?? Ya! I didn’t know that either! Over time if you go months or years without cleaning your oven, all the burnt, greasy food splatterings and ashes build/cake up, and could eventually start to alter with the oven thermostat (which is what keeps the temperature right once you set it) and other elements that keep the oven running. There’s also other consequences that come with not cleaning your oven as often as possible but I don’t want to bore you too bad. You’d be pretty surprised how many people don’t do this though.

Woman cleaning oven

So now that we know all that extra information, what can we use that is safe and effective?

Personally I have never used the self cleaning feature for cleaning my oven. I’m also only like thirty percent sure that our oven even has that feature haha! But if it does, you know for sure that I definitely do not use it.

I usually start by pulling out all the racks and laying those in the sink for me to scrub those easier. Of course I spray my product on there so they can sit for a few minutes while I spray the actual oven down.

Before spraying the oven down I’ll either use the hose attachment from my vacuum to get up the lose crumbs and food particles, then use a wipe or wet cloth to get out what I can that the vacuum cannot.

Next is the spray down. I either use Easy Off oven spray https://amzn.to/2LSqJ1G (aff link) or if I want something a little less harsh but still effective I use Mr. Meyer’s lemon verbena clean day that also smells wonderful! Mr. Meyers

while I’m letting the spray sit for a few minutes, I clean and rinse off the racks so that they’re ready to put back in once we’re done cleaning the oven. After ten minutes or so the oven should be ready to wipe out (because of how powerful those  products work for me it’s literally just a wipe down instead of a scrub). After wiping everything out I wet my rag and rinse the oven, just to rid the extra product out, and then place the racks back in. Boom We’re all done!

Tried any of these tips? Know of better, easier ways? Let us know down below! (Heh that rhymes).

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