5 ways to tackle Baseboards!

Cleaning baseboards can definitely be a daunting challenge to handle. We know that pretty much every room in the house has baseboards. So that’s one part of the challenge. If you seldom clean your baseboards then that usually means there is a lot of build up of dirt, dust, and hair. Part two. So what are some ways we can tackle this challenge?

  • Unless you plan on spending your whole day on baseboard cleaning, I generally just break it up into a few rooms at a time. Get the biggest and hardest rooms done  first, such as the kitchen and living room (Just an example. You can start where you want) and just break it up throughout the rest of the week until all of them are done. Then you won’t have to worry about them for a couple months.
  • Once I narrow down where I want to start, I like to take either my broom, vacuum suction tool, or even a dust mop and just breeze down the baseboards to get all the access dust, loose dirt and trash out of the way. That way you don’t have extra hair and things flying everywhere and can keep your rag, or whatever you plan to use, as clean as possible (even though you expect it to get super dirty anyways).


  • Next, grab a bucket and fill it with hot water (you can just keep it at plain hot water if you’re not big on scents) and add a drop or two of lemon pine sol. Just to add a little disinfectant and fresh scent. Grab a rag/towel (I prefer microfiber rags) or a magic erase sponge and lightly wet it so as not to have it drenched. Then scrub along the baseboard with the wet rag.


  • Keep dipping your rag (or sponge) as you go, to keep it as clean as possible. You could also even use a disinfectant wipe such as Clorox or Lysol wipes to use for the baseboards if you just don’t feel like having to worry about lugging a bucket around.

There is also one more neat tool you could try that makes life a little easier.

6066CA08-D831-4BD5-BDA5-BFEB10B4D4BFThe all star innovative baseboard buddy. (Love!) you don’t even have to get on your knees while using this. The extension can be adjusted to the height of the person using it, and it comes with three microfiber pads. It can also be used wet or dry (wet for the deeper cleaning) and can even clean overhead baseboards such as above door frames! It’s also cheap.(you’re welcome). Just a heads up you’ll have to do a little assembling.  But it’s easy enough where it only took me a few minutes to do so. Before I purchased this I saw that it had some pretty good reviews and decided to give it a whirl. I’m glad I did. Definitely helps out, especially when you’re scraped for time. Baseboard tool

These are just some of the things I personally use when I’m cleaning baseboards. If you try these tips or know of any better ways please feel free to share down below!

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