The best and easiest way to clean your AC- vent

Does your AC vent currently look like it’s spitting out dust and is in need of a good clean? Do you know that you need to get it done but don’t want to put in the work it takes to clean it? Well, it’s actually easier than you think to get it done! I was able to clean both of my vents in 15 minutes with this method.


Step Number Uno: Detach the vent from the AC unit (each vent is different as far as design and how its latched is concerned. The one I have pictured has two latches at the top that you have to pull to the right and two at the very bottom to unhinge the vent).

Step number Dos: Once you’ve unhinged the vent, take it to a sink and wash it. It’s so much easier than having to get on your knees and scrub! Sure you could use a duster, but if your vent has months or years of built-up dirt, a duster just simply won’t do it. when washing, use a rag of your choice and just a drop of dishwashing soap (my personal favorite is Mr. Meyer’s dish soap) and warm to semi-hot water. That helps the dust just come right off. Be sure to get both sides of the vent. Just a side tip: Be careful not to cut your finger trying to scrub too hard!

( I may or may not have cut mine… 😬)

Once finished with washing your vent, attach it back to the AC unit and enjoy a clean vent!


Repeat these steps for each vent you have. To keep good maintenance on them, I would now consider cleaning each vent with a duster every two weeks just briefly and washing them maybe every four to six months (depending on how bad dust builds up in your unit).

I hope this post was helpful for you guys! And if not, feel free to let off some steam and VENT (heh heh) in the comments down below! Any additional questions or tips let us know that too!

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