Simple Cleaning hacks for teens and college students that can help you be successful

Do you remember being bored as a kid and asking your mom for something fun to do? And she’d tell to you to go clean your room or something? Yeah. Not my idea of fun mom. Not then or even now as a young adult. But we still have to find the time to do it. Our rooms have to stay clean and organized along with getting our life organized. What are the benefits? And how can we keep it all under control?


  • Keeping your room clean not only looks appealing but can actually help you feel better as you can have a more positive attitude! When everything is neat and organized it can help reduce stress and can help you to be more focused on what’s more important (parti- I mean homework and good grades 😬)

  • Next, Keeping your room clean can help you stay healthier! That includes dusting (fans, baseboards, vents, whatever dust can build upon). If you are exposed to much dust and dirt, it can cause terrible allergy flare-ups and even cause you to get sick. (I discuss how I got sick from dust and easy ways to tackle it in my older blog post linked here Dusting Concern).
  • As far as tidying up goes, be sure not to leave plates and cups with old food and drink in your room for long periods of time. Mold can start to form and I don’t even want to go there with what can happen if you’re exposed to mold. Don’t worry if you do this, your not the only one that has this bad habit. I’m still working on it too! But I am trying to work at getting in the habit of throwing everything away as soon as I’m done with it instead of being a lazy bones and leave my cups everywhere. Another way to keep from leaving old dirty cups and plates in your room would be to simply not eat in your room. 🤷🏾‍♀️ (*shoulder shrug*)

Okay. So now that I’m done being a nagging mom, what are some of these easy steps I claim that we can take to keep our rooms clean?

  1. Start by keeping you clothes in their space. No not the space on your floor (I call it a floor closet because that’s where a majority of my clothes would stay for months. Clean or not. I’m not proud of it). Even if your too lazy or busy to fold them, at least stuff them in your dresser drawers. Hang up the pants and dresses as soon as your DONE instead of tossing them somewhere.

It also helps to keep extra bins too. If you have limited dresser or closet space, the bins will more than make up for it. Plus it helps to keep clothes off the floor and keep creepy crawlers from nestling in your clothes too!

2. If you’re looking for a good way to procrastinate from homework; Instead of getting on your phone and spending the next hour scrolling through Instagram, take 10 minutes or so to pick up all the random trash you have laying around your room.

You’d be surprised how much trash your room collects as you go throughout your day, let alone go months allowing trash to build up. You’ll see a big difference and start to feel the positive effects of it pretty quickly. Or if your perfect and don’t have trash laying around, use those 10 minutes to dust something. Dressers, bookshelves, fans. Anything you come into contact with regularly . Then once that 10 minutes is up, you still have 50 minutes left of your procrastination session.. oops I mean study (Throw that in there for you parents. You’re welcome).

3. Lastly, use room fresheners! I’m so serious in telling you that spritzing a little febreeze here and there or plugging in a wallflower can make all the difference in your attitude and how you view your room. Personally speaking, having a bath and body works plug in gives me the motivation to WANT to keep my room clean. Not just the nagging from my parents (sorry parents but it’s true). My favorite scent is the lavender and eucalyptus mint! It’s very calming and relaxing and has an inviting feel to it where I just want to stay in my room all day (and who doesn’t?)

There’s so many little different hacks to use to keep our room from looking like a bomb went off, it’s just a matter of taking a couple minutes out of our busy schedules each day to keep organized. Dusting, putting clothes back after each use and just freshing up! Doing so will help us to keep positive, healthy annd  keep the “you know whos” off our back. 🙂 oh and we won’t look like pigs

Have some other ways you like to keep your room clean? Let us know in the comments down below! If you enjoyed this post please be sure to like, share, and follow! (If you want)

1 thought on “Simple Cleaning hacks for teens and college students that can help you be successful”

  1. When i think back to my student days I think I was the only one in a shared house that wasn’t a slob. Being a student doesn’t actually mean having to live in a pig sty. It’s not wonder really the filth I lived around an in in the shared kitchen inspired me to build my own cleaning empire.

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