How to be successful in all you do

“Be Content first, aim for happiness and the success will follow”.

Many of us want to be successful. Maybe you want to run a successful business. Or maybe you want more success in your personal life. Not only setting goals, but achieving them. Make better friends, get a better higher paying job, start a business, get a new car, etc. etc. There are lots of things we aim for. New years is coming up soon (can you believe it)? So you know what that means. New years resolutions!! “New year new me!” As people say. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having resolutions.

But the problem comes when people make those resolutions and they either don’t stick to them for very long, or don’t even come up with an action plan to begin them. You’ve already failed. (So you think). That’s the kicker for most right there. Just having more success even at setting goals for ourselves and STICKING TO THEM. So how do we fix this problem? How can we find more success in our daily living?

happy person

Be Content. This is the first and most important step towards being successful. Just simply being happy with what we have right now. Sometimes we become so focused on trying to acquire success right away, we lose track of what we have and become down and out or get tired and just constantly focus on negative things. Sure that’s easier said than done at times to be content. It can definitely be easier to focus more on the negative than the positive. The world is filled with negativity and that spirit can infiltrate our personal lives if we let it. Yes we want to be mindful of what happens around us and to other people, but don’t forget to think about the positive little things we have in our life. When we start to get overwhelmed, stop and take a few minutes out of your busy day to focus on some things that make you happy.

Do you get to eat everyday? Have you a bed to sleep in, roof over your head? Do you have a family that loves you? or even if they don’t necessarily love you do you at least have someone you may consider as your family like a friend? (I threw that in there for those of you who were about to play me and say “yeah I have a family but they don’t treat me like they love me.” But you have family so think of some positive qualities or something.) Maybe you have a pet that loves you unconditionally and doesn’t judge you. Or maybe you have that one super soft and fluffy blanket that you love so much and makes you happy and keeps you warm. Baby pandas, puppies, ice cream, the Victoria Secret fashion show, trees. Just dig deep guys. Positivity is there.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sure we all want to be able to do things ourselves. But we have to face the facts. Sometimes we just don’t know what we’re doing our where to even start. I know from experience most everything I have been able to do has come from Getting help. Especially with starting this blog. It was hard and still is! There’s so much information out there. Who do you look to? What’s truthful and what’s not? (You get the point). Maybe you feel that way with starting your business or choosing what college to go to and what classes you want to take. What do I want to do with my life? Do these shoes actually match my shirt? you know, the hard questions..

Taking a pointer from someone who may be more experienced or has faced the same problem definitely won’t hurt you. Even if it doesn’t seem like their advice would work for you at the moment, you can still take something away from it. Maybe you’ll learn what NOT to do. Or maybe that advice is something you can use later down the line when you get to that point. There’s always something to learn.


Set small goals first. Sometimes you have to crawl before you can walk. Just like a baby has to crawl around and grow first before it can get to walking and taking big steps, that is true with pretty much anything in life. Weather its starting a business (which my family and I have definitely been learning that the hard way for the past almost two years with our janitorial business), learning a new subject in school like trigonometry or a new language (also experienced that with learning Spanish and Vietnamese), learning a new skill like skating, or even making new friends; just getting to know the small things about them first such as their name and remembering who they look like.

Once you get past the smaller things, you’ll come to appreciate the bigger accomplishments more. You also don’t set yourself up for disappointment when you jump right to setting big goals and then don’t exceed them when expected (i.g: shooting to make $100,000 after only running a business for four months. Or instead of planning an elaborate trip to Paris only working a minimum wage job, start with going somewhere maybe just a couple hours away). Makes sense? This is definitely NOT mentioned to put anyone down, but it is simply the concept of looking at where you are at now in your life and making goals you can get to until you can build up to the bigger things you want!  It may also be helpful to evaluate your current situation and ask yourself, is this goal actually achievable for me either now or in the future or am I just setting myself up for disappointment?  Again guys, anything is achievable IN TIME. Just start small and work your way up. (*cue the Jefferson’s theme song*)

please tell me you know where that’s from?

Set up an action plan.  “If you do not have action behind a plan, then all it will ever be is a dream.” Once you have truly reachable goals in place, set a date or time frame on when you want to have that goal achieved for the small goals and how you plan on achieving it. Also remember that the bigger the goal is, than the longer it may take you to get to that goal, especially if you may be limited on resources. (but that’s where that asking for help comes in again.)

So be content, ask for help, set smaller goals first, and then set up an action plan. Think I’ve covered everything. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or have your own formula for success? Let us know in the comments below! Also let me know if you guys know what the Jefferson’s theme song is or it is a useless reference haha!

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