How I got sick from dusting ~ How to keep dusting in its place

dust storm Bit of an exaggeration? ⬆️ Maybe so. But when you have clumps of dust barreling toward you from the ceiling or whatever surface you may be dusting, that's what it can seem like! This past week, I really learned the importance of why keeping your home dusted is so important. My family and… Continue reading How I got sick from dusting ~ How to keep dusting in its place

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging — Currently, Lately

Learning this now! Currently, Lately officially turned two yesterday, so today I thought I would do a post about several things I wish I had known before I started blogging. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do posts like this before, and I always think it’s interesting to see what information they believe would have… Continue reading 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging — Currently, Lately

Work burnout. How to avoid it?

Between starting a family owned janitorial buisness, cleaning client houses, working part time at a hospital, volunteering, going to school part time, and starting this blog, all while trying to have a social life, sleep and help take care of my family, I tend to have times where I may break down a little bit… Continue reading Work burnout. How to avoid it?

Feel Like Giving Up? Read this.

My exact feelings!

The Art of Blogging

I launched my first blog in January 2011. I had released my first self-published novel on Amazon. I was very excited, and I was sure that I’d soon conquer the world…

I quit after three posts, no views, no comments, no nothing.

Five days into my career as a blogger, I grew bitter and remorseful, felt invisible, decided it was all for nothing, and quit.

This disappointment was so strong that I did not give blogging another try for a solid year. And then, it happened again: I spend the first month posting on a daily basis only to get around 500 views total, and almost no comments at all. Something like 30-40 followers.

This makes you ask yourself questions. You try to find reasons. Your mind plays tricks on you, the same way it would if you would find yourself stranded on a deserted island.

Maybe you are just…

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5 ways to tackle Baseboards!

Cleaning baseboards can definitely be a daunting challenge to handle. We know that pretty much every room in the house has baseboards. So that’s one part of the challenge. If you seldom clean your baseboards then that usually means there is a lot of build up of dirt, dust, and hair. Part two. So what… Continue reading 5 ways to tackle Baseboards!