Life With Bell

Love Dogs? Cats? Animals? Me too. Hate to see them mistreated? Yeah, same here.

My mini pin Bell

That’s why I created my “life with bell” brand. The inspiration comes from my dog bell. My family and I love her so much and can’t imagine not having her around. This brand is for people who love their pets unconditionally and also want to do something about the number of stray hungry dogs and pets you see on the streets due to natural disasters that have been running amuck recently, people abusing them, and more. We need to help the shelters keep taking care of the animals who were fortunate to be found and to help stop the mistreatment we see going on all the time. I like to stress, that the best part of this brand (proud moment) is that for every purchase made, I will donate $1 from each purchase towards an animal shelter and pick a different animal shelter every month to donate to and will also start efforts to donate money to California to shelters and fireman who are working to contain these terrible wildfires that are destroying families.

That means every month, we all get to be part of helping animals in need across the country? How cool is that!

(Due to California wild fires, we will also donate proceeds to Red Cross)

Want a custom-made phone case or T-shirt? Send me a picture of your furbaby and I’ll get it done. Don’t have a pet but just think they’re cute? we have a case or shirt for you too! They come in different colors and sizes ranging from small to 2xl.

click to purchase yours today and relive a memory forever!